Zara Picken


日本一级2020免费观看_日本一级2019免费久久_日本一级2019免费观看Zara Picken is an illustrator based in the UK. She has been working as an illustrator since graduating from the University of the West of England in Bristol in 2008.

日本一级2020免费观看_日本一级2019免费久久_日本一级2019免费观看Her graphic, ideas-driven work is characterised by a distinctive look that embraces the values of mid-century design. She delivers concise concepts with strong visual impact.

She works with a diverse range of international clients, creating illustrations for editorial, publishing and advertising. Over the past decade Zara has worked with The Guardian, Waitrose, Wired, BBC and Times Higher Education, amongst many others.

Zara's work has received international recognition from 3x3 Professional Show, Creative Quarterly, AOI Illustration Awards, Associazione Autori di Immagini and Society of Illustrators.



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